Oriente oggi (Black vinyl)
Rino De Filippi


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Eastern tinged italian library music by Rino “Awake” De Filippi. Recorded in 1972 at Orthofonic Studio in Rome by historic RCA sound engineer Pino Mastroianni, sees among his interpreters the drummer Vincenzo Restuccia and Bruno Battisti D’Amario on stringed and ethnic instruments.
Includes the midtempo funk-break tune “Oriente Contemplativo”.
One of the most sought after library LPs, breathtaking east meets west musical ideas by one of the absolute masters of Italian composition. A rarely seen LP - even rarer with a sleeve! 
Jonny Trunk ( Vice / Record Collector / Mojo UK)
A1 Night In Oriente
A2 Oriente Magico
A3 Danza Orientale
A4 Oriente Contemplativo
A5 Tempio Dei Bonzi
A6 Felicita' Orientale
B1 Citta' Orientale
B2 Trasparenza Orientale
B3 Amore In Oriente
B4 Regione Depressa
B5 Parata Orientale