About Us


Cinedelic S.R.L. is an independent record label & music publisher founded in 2001.
Marco D'Ubaldo a.k.a. Duba uses his wide breadth of musical knowledge and has created a vision for Cinedelic Records of rediscovery and synthesis of old and new.
Cinedelic embraces fascinating and unique sounds unearthed from the past and couples them with the foundations of today's modern music. The soundtracks that Cinedelic has selected to nourish have reached audiences all over the world.

Most of the productions were made in limited edition vinyl LP and are now out of print and circulation and have become rare collector's items.
Cinedelic also produces and supports new composers and performers of music from jazz, to funk, to Bossa Nova, Electronic and Analog sounds which feel like an ocean of atmospheres and destinations.
Each piece sustains an incredible variety of dimension and orchestration that has forged the success of the label in many markets around the world.
The result is a unique, highly crafted collection that inspires the listener and sets a new standard of excellence not likely to be forgotten.