Reality Gates
Steve Birchall


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Soave Records dusts off in limited edition the psych/synth album by Doctor Steven T. Birchall recorded in 1973 in Indiana, U.S.A. with the following equipment: VCS-3 (The Putney) by EMS, Ampex MM-1000 16 trk, dbx noise reduction, SpectrasSonics Console, Studer A80 Recorder, Eventide Clockworks, Instant Phaser, Cooper Time Cube, EMT Reverb. The absolutely penetrating high tones of the opening track 'Music Of The Spheres' announce us that we are on board, passengers in the hands, or perhaps better to say in the mind, of Birchall who aims to go beyond those "normal" boundaries that we call reality. It is a new world of music that still amazes after half a century. A higher stage of truth projected into the cosmos.

Limited edition: 400 copies.

Cover art by Earl. E. Hokens.


Side A

1 Music Of The Spheres 7:15
2 Summer Memories 10:38

Side B

1 Cosmic Carousel 6:04
2 Abacaba 5:32
3 Poseidon's Meditation 7:07