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Remember that period at the turn of the century when people were talking about Lounge, Exotica and Easy Listening? 

It was the so-called Cocktail Generation phenomenon, of which VIP 200, a quartet formed in Italy in 1999, was the ultimate expression as a band.

The most important input came from the reissues and compilations of Italian soundtracks that debuted with great success at the time, and VIP 200's interpretations of them were genuine, rustic and rich in atmospheres that led back precisely to music for the image. Even cinema, like Quentin Tarantino, has been fascinated and inspired by that sound by quoting it several times.

The comparison and real meeting of VIP 200 with the Marc 4 as well as Alessandro Alessandroni and the legendary Piero Umiliani was fundamental. Soon after, they were also called from abroad by cult figures who wanted to interact with them such as German composer Peter Thomas with whom they recorded in Saint Tropez, DJ Maxwell Implosion and sessions in Capri with Miss Maki Nomiya of the Pizzicato Five for her solo record.

It was a period of transition, the word "easy" that started from the Adriatic Riviera via Rome and Milan had made its way to Berlin, London and Tokyo.

Their live shows, as well as their first and only record re-released for the first time on double gatefold vinyl by Cinedelic with many outtakes, alternated between danceable moments with fast rhythms such as shake, beat and soul funk, to more ethereal and psychedelic, to softer and more ironic ones. They loosely and spontaneously re-presented songs that before then no one had ever performed live with a band; 10 years later Calibro 35 would get there. 

All strictly from Italian composers or their own.

Strong was the "fetishist" component that pushed them to research original instruments of the vintage, design, sound and atmosphere to be created. 

An iconographic record of the period, a must-have for those who lived through it and for those who want to understand its essence.


Limited editions on double vinyl with gatefold cover. Artwork by Gianni Rossi








1. Il Colore degli Angeli (B. Pisano) - 2.57

2. Gonna Make It Easy (Aloisi) - 3.52

3. Fase Onirica (Aloisi) - 2.47

4. Gangster Story (G&M De Angelis) - 3.10

5. Madame “La Mousse” (Chiaramello, Moore) - 4.11

6. Il Mondo di G. Mastorna, detto “Fernet” (Zavalloni) - 3.19

7. Dentro l’Atelier (Zavalloni) - 2.14




1. Decisione (A. Trovajoli) - 2.58

2. Topless Party (P. Umiliani) - 2.48

3. Il Bellunese (Aloisi, Torri) - 3.28

4. Giulia Super TI: inseguimento (Aloisi, Torri, Zavalloni) - 3.26

5. 2001: the Lost Countdown (Aloisi, Torri, Zavalloni) - 3.45

6. Don Peppino e Falpala’ (Zavalloni) - 1.47

7. Psicoerotica (Aloisi, Torri, Zavalloni) - 3.39


Vinyl 2 - Various


SIDE A - Singles / Compilations

1. A Taste of Honey (Scott, Marlow) - 2.21

2. Relax (Fernet Branca Tv Spot) (F. Godi) - 1.48

3. Amanda Blues (G. Ferrio) - 2.26

4. Now I’m on my Own (Giutil, P. Umiliani) - 2.50

5. Wordless Blues (Christoph) - 3.30

6. Quand’ero un Bebe’ (Lattuada, Trovajoli, Ciuffini) - 2.24

7. A Bocca Chiusa (P. Umiliani) - 2.14


SIDE B - Previously Unreleased


1. Sax and Soda (Aloisi, Torri, Zavalloni) - 3.00

2. Hippies (P. Umiliani) - 3.38

3. Alla Luce del Giorno (E. Morricone) - 2.11

4. Shake per un Divorzio (Bongusto) - 2.01

5. Beer, Vermouth & Gin (P. Umiliani) - 1.50

6. Pretty (Pt.1&2) (P. Umiliani) - 3.40

7. La Regola del Gioco (background) (E. Morricone) - 4.18


ViP200 are:

Luca Torri (Zan) drums, percussion

Giulio Aloisi (Zoil) bass, guitar, percussion, vocals

Enrico Zavalloni (Enri) organ, piano, synth, vocals


Matteo Santini (Teo) guitars, vocals