CNERS 2301 IMPULSI DI SESSO - 2LP gatefold_7mm spine600
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Impulsi di sesso
Moana Pozzi


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Moana Pozzi in the late 1980s, following in the footsteps of her illustrious colleague Ilona Staller/Cicciolina, made her official singing debut by recording several songs arranged and produced by Jayhorus, a pseudonym of Carlo Rustichelli's esteemed son: Paolo Rustichelli.
The music ended up in several of her films as well as being performed in her hot live shows.
Discographically at the time only a few tracks were released on 7" and 12" singles that are now cult collector's items for fetishists and weird DJs.
At last, Cinedelic has gotten their hands on the original masters, unearthing some unreleased ones as well, producing a luxurious gatefold LP.
Thus we find persuasive, nocturnal and mischievous tracks in perfect nightclub style such as "Amore Tossico”, "Autostop”, "Ultima Notte" and “La Gabbia" side by side with more Dance tracks such as his main hit “Supermacho", the Dance-Rock "Impulsi Di Sesso" and "Gate One (Aeroplano Telecomandato)” and the Funky "Rocky."
Lato A: Amore Tossico - Gate One (Aeroplano Italiano) - Autostop - L'ultima Notte
Lato B: Impulsi Di Sesso - Rocky - Supermacho - La gabbia
Limited Edition / Gatefold LP