Cosmic Temple Chapter 4
Daniele Baldelli


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COSMIC TEMPLE / chapter 4
Numero di Catalogo: MONDO GROOVE 
A1) JOKA JOKA - 6’00” bpm 108
Vocal: Bale MondongaBass: Onorino TiburziGuitar: Mattia Dallara
B1) VHANESSA - 4’48" bpm 120
B2) ARCHETIPO - 6’30 bpm 95
Chapter 4: An ingredient that can not miss in Baldelli Cosmic project is Afro-beat: Joka Joka, sung by congolese Bale Mondonga. Vhanessa is a magical flight in search of distant galaxies, a tribal electro joints game a kind of  Rubik's cube. The Kraftwerk-ian Archetipo leaves us waiting for the  arrival  of the  chapter 5 and 6 to complete this Cosmic Temple, to listen to and to watch the puzzle of 6 covers.