Cosmic Temple Chapter 3
Daniele Baldelli


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COSMIC TEMPLE / chapter 3
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A1) GANDHARVA - 6’15” bpm 108
B1) KOSMARO - 5’20” bpm 115 
Vocal: Monica Giacomobono
Synth: Ricky Burattini
Bass: Mattia Dallara
B2) ISOTROPOFUNK - 5’18” bpm 104 
Bass: Onorino Tiburzi
Clavinet & Rhodes: Ricky Burattini
Chapter 3: Gandarva switching from a balearic atmosphere to an interstellar space travel. In Kosmaro the voice of Monica Giacomobono describes a sleepless night traveling delirious on the notes of the keyboard played Ricky Burattini (Justofunk) which then,  together with the bass of  Onorino Tiburzi , transports us in a jazzy-funk walk with the track Isotropofunk