Tunde Mabadu


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LP Afrodelic AF1003

Official AFRODELIC reissue of the ultra-rare Tunde Mabadu’s debut album.
Originally released in 1978 on Blackspot label (DECCA's West Africa division), Bisu, which includes the supergroovy ‘Red Jeans’, differs from the later 1980 ‘Viva Disco’ album by a much more pure African style.
A beautiful and soulful production in which Tunde's deep voice and sax move on the excellent horns arrangements, percussions, the wahwah rhythm guitar and weird keyboards and synths (at times psychedelic as in the ‘Blue Bird’ 9 minutes).
As wrote on the original liner notes of the era “His music will mesmerize you from the first track. A dedicated Musician especially to his African Roots with so much to offer Musically”.

Side A: Vicky 6:24 / Bisu-Omi 5:52 / Red Jeans 6:34
Side B: Ise Orise 8:14 / Blue Bird (Instrumental) 9:04