小​娘​日​和 The Age Of Innocence
黒木香 Kaoru Kuroki

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Picture Disc

黒木香 Kaoru Kuroki "小娘日和 The Age Of Innocence"


1987 Cult 12-inch single by legendary sexy actress Kaoru Kuroki repressed for the 1st time on erotic picture disc vinyl.

Total 4 tunes include such as "小娘日和 (The Age Of Innocence)" a strange synth pop based on an Okinawan folk song, "A Love Note For You" erotic poetry reading she wrote herself, "時からの誕生 (Birth From Time)" a killer techno-pop that could work as a hidden gem for DJs. 

The album includes the progressive electric funk masterpiece "Toki kara no natte (Performance)," which features rapping by Kuroki, effect programming rhythms, flashy synth brass, and thickly painted reverb, as well as the obscure Okinawan scale song "Komusu biyori," a poetry reading with lyrics by Kuroki. A Love Note For You," a poetry reading with lyrics by Kaoru Kuroki, and four other songs.

Picture disc in the colorful cover

Licensed by TEICHIKU RECORDS CO.,LTD; original master tapes.