Marcello Giombini

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Limited edition colored edition
MARCELLO GIOMBINI - Transvitaexpress LP  SV27
Limited edition 400 copie in marbled vinyl
Lato A: Anamnesi - Terminal - La Stazione - Gli Spiriti Guida - L'Annunci - La Partenza - I Viaggiatori - MariannaLato 
Lato B: La Terra - Transvitaexpress - Fermata - Il Suicida - Due Amanti- Cose Imperfette- Il Folle - Il Cattolico - Fuori - Un Sordo - Un Poltergeist - Il Piano Astrale - Un Treno Carico Di... - Col Cuore In Festa - La Canzone Di Marianna
One of the weirdest italian album ever released
TRANSVITAEXPRESSPsycho-phonic tale of the afterlife'TRANSVITAEXPRESS is the sonorous realization of an idea that had been developing in me for some time and to which the encounter with the poet Barbarino gave the decisive push. I used the "tape-sound" technique, that is the organization and integration of sounds, noises, speech, song and rhythm, of which the resulting sound, being the result of electronic manipulation of the sound events themselves, is audible, therefore repeatable, only by means of magnetic tape.The sound material is, in part, reportage, so the work often takes on the character of a “disc-truth”, in part it is a faithful reconstruction of parapsychological events. We have defined this work "Psycho-phonic tale" in fact it is a sound experience, that is, a journey into the world of sounds of an "afterlife", rooted in us due to childhood, ancestral reminiscences, superstitions, legends, anxieties, utopias and above all fear. Fear of the mystery, fear of the unknown.TRANSVITAEXPRESS is therefore the sound representation of these cultural and existential limits, and is therefore a critical, liberating, provocative work. I certainly do not expect, and perhaps I do not want someone after having listened to tell me that it is "beautiful".TRANSVITAEXPRESS is the name of a train full of ... that travels in an afterlife so "beyond" that it coincides with the most central point of my ego. Perhaps the most logical "end-continuation" of life, the least imaginative, the least corrupt. The distortions, things that are too, or too little, defined, realistic situations, clichés, monotheisms and captions are embedded in the most traditional dream fabric, the most suitable in my opinion to promote approaches with the mysterious, with the esoteric, with the magical.'
TRANSVITA EXPRESSは私の時間のなかで蓄積した思考とバルバリーノとの出会いが共鳴した作品です。今回、《テープサウンド》という技術を使いました。音、ノイズ、言葉、歌とリズムを電気的に整理し、組み合わせ、再構築した成果なんです。それは私達の磁気テープを使って再生も可能なんです。材料となる音は一部は録音時の臨場感からのも、もう一つは第六感的な上から降りてきたものを再構築したのです。私達はこの作品を《Racconto Psicofonico》と定義しました。(名付けました)私達のおぼろげな幼少期の記憶、祖先、迷信、伝説、ユートピア、(ヨーロッパにおけるカトリック思想上の)そして何よりも謎や未知への恐れ、つまり来世の世界へ音の旅であることです。TRANSVITA EXPRESSは実生活や文化、教養の限界を表した音なんです。したがって批判的で挑発的で自由な作品です。なのでみんながみんな聞いた後に『素晴らしい』と言われることは無いと思っています。TRANSVITA EXPRESSは私のエゴの最も深い芯の部分で来世と現世の感情が共鳴する旅においての乗り物の名前です。おそらく人生の『終わりと継続』は最も当たり前で最も健全なものなのです。不正や物事のあるなし、リアルな現実、共通の地域、一神教、解説書はより伝統的で最も夢のような組織にはめ込まれています。私の考え(作品)は、その神秘、秘密、魔術へのアプローチするのにもっともふさわしいのです。M.ジョンビーニ