Story Of Wind Behind Left
Masahiko Togashi


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Recorded in September 1975 at Columbia Studio, “Story Of Wind Behind Left” is a symphonic poem in the shape of a suite. In the album, Masahiko Togashi uses music to communicate the same feelings evoked by nature. The drummer demonstrates unique composition and performance skills in the way he imitates the sounds of nature or takes inspiration from nature itself to make music. With “Story Of Wind Behind Left,” Masahiko Togashi revolutionized the Japanese jazz scene.
The record includes an insert with the original liner notes translated into English.
Side A: Premonition Of Wind's Coming 4:17 / Reunion 12:16 / And Then 2:11
Side B: Life Story Of Wind 9:26 / Those Passing Things 7:25 / Things That Will Come Again 4:53