Rock Joint Cither – Silk Road
Hiromasa Suzuki


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1973 / Orient series
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◐ HIROMASA SUZUKI – Rock Joint Cither – Silk Road (1973)
LP / CNPL811

After the space-time experience and the translation into music of the Bible of Japanese civilization, the Fulukotofumi, the following year, in 1973, Hiromasa Suzuki pushes his research and experimentation beyond the borders of his own country by venturing, with the usual companions of adventure (Kunimitsu Inaba, Hideo Sekine, etc.), along the lights and shadows of the Silk Road. A backward journey in search of the musical and cultural sources of mainland Asia, from the gates of India to the roots of China. If the Biwa lute characterized the previous chapter dedicated to the profound ancestral of Japan, here, the sitar, the Asian instrument par excellence, becomes a new narrator; Suzuki plans and manages the interventions by juxtaposing it with an opera that, like the previous one, always remains strongly jazz and rock, at times very similar to Ian Carr's Nucleus. A precious find in the endless and seminal musical archeology of modern Japanese music.
Gatefold cover with insert.

A1 シルクロード = Silk Road 7:05
A2 3000 B.C. = 3000 B.C. 4:47
A3 華麗なるバーミアン = Karei Naru Bamyan 3:54
A4 ユーラシアの夜明け = Eurasia No Yoake 4:32
B1 王の道 = O No Michi 7:07
B2 神々の叫び = Kamigami No Sakebi 2:53
B3 ガンダーラ = Gandhara 6:57
B4 メルブの剣 = Merv No Tsurugi 3:55