Sorry Puppet
The Bid-On (Giuliano Sorgini)


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Rare 1972 Italia Library Album
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THE BID-ON (Giuliano Sorgini) - “SORRY PUPPET” 
CINEDELIC Records CNLP40 - Barcode: 8055323520096
Reprint of the rare 1972’s library by Maestro Giuliano Sorgini with the pseudonym of Raskovich. Originally released in few copies for a small label owned by a friend of Maestro Sorgini, this LP includes 12 really beautiful tracks with positive vibes. From Jazz DanceBossa NovaFunky, and some Killer BreakBeat, many percusions, growling flute and horking sax. Original minimal artwork designed by Giuliano Sorgini drawn with a chalk on a black sheet. Glossy Cinedelic cover.