The Fine Machine


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400 in black vinyl / 100 in multicolor
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The Fine Machine are Oscar Lindok (Giacomo Dell’Orso), Donimak (Nico Fidenco) and Proluton (Gianni Dell’Orso). 
An album more than ever representative of the variety and quality of italian library music composers and its impeccable interpreters. There are all the elements that characterize the style and uniqueness of the sound produced in Italy at the beginning of the 70s. This is from 1972. There are a bunch of breakbeats, lots of percussions and liberal use of flute, piano/organ and el. guitar. Mainly funk ("Shut Paranoia", "Obsessing Promenade", "Hand Shake", "Crazy Eel”, “Wait for me") includes also the vocal bossa “Snobbery”, the hard latin-beat of “Raging Beat”, the ethereal psych giallo-movie style “God is infinite” with Edda’s vocalism, and the oriental “The Eastern Question”.
A true classic from C.A.M., one of only two library LPs they issues with picture sleeves. Amazing music, with spooky drums and progressive ideas to die for. I first saw and heard this back in about 2005, but I’ve never managed to get one. So thank you Cinedelic. 
Jonny Trunk (Vice / Record Collector / Mojo UK)
A1 Crazy Eel
A2 Shut Paranoia
A3 Hand Shake
A4 Racing Beat
A5 Flute Flight
A6 Wait For Me
B1 Obsessing Promenade
B2 Skin-Deep
B3 Snobbery
B4 God Is Infinite
B5 Cold Fever
B6 The Eastern Question