Dick Smart 2.007
Mario Nascimbene

CHLP 1004

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First time on LP - Recorded in 1967
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A1 Main Title Theme  
A2 Dick Smart Investigates  
A3 The Amazing World Of Dick Smart  
A4 The Chase  
A5 Discotheque Party  
A6 Dick Back In Action  
A7 Swimming Pool Bossa Party  
A8 The Chase #2  
B1 My Name Is Smart...Dick Smart  
B2 Samba Por Dick  
B3 The Chase #3  
B4 The DS 2007 Shake  
B5 Kiss Kiss, Girl Girl  
B6 Bossa Por Dick  
B7 Background Exotica  
B8 The DS 2007 Shake #2  

Il Tuo Sguardo Atomico - End Title Song


Prima Stampa - Edizione Limitata 500 copie 

Registrata in Stereophonic Sound al Meridiana Recording Studio il 21/22 febbraio 1967 
eccetto la traccia 7 registrata in Stereophonic Sound all' International Recording Studio. 
Restauro Sonoro al Film Music Art Studio