About Time
Ping Pong


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Limited Edition (RE 1971)
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320 Black vinyl / 80 Red-Blue vinyl

Repressed for the first time in a limited edition LP, 1971’s ‘About Time’ is the Ping Pong debut albumFounded by Alan Taylor from The Casuals it was one of the first bands in Italy (based in Bologna) to be inspired by the British sound of the period moving between late ‘60 psychedelic rock and the jazzy prog such Jethro Tull, Tonton Macoute, Camel and Caravan. 
10 tracks all sung in English delicate and exceptionally well performed with warm precision, enthusiasm and greater energy in which the excellent musicians highlight their abilities: Celso Valli, who will then participate in many other productions of various genres, organ and piano / Mauro Falzoni acoustic and electric guitar, vocals / Paride Sforza - sax and flute (foreshadowing a signature sound from Italy like Osanna, P.F.M., Delirium, Quella Vecchia Locanda and many others) / Alan Taylor on bass and vocals / Vittorio Volpe (previously in I Meteors and later Paolo Conte's steady drummer) on drums (long solo on Funny Wife).
This album represents the departure of the golden age of Italian progressive music.
Limited Edition.
Side A: 1. About Time / 2. You And Me / 3. Dark Morning Skies / 4. Daft / 5. Confusion
Side B: 1. Drinking / 2. Someway / 3. Banshee / 4. Diamond Seller / 5. Funny Wife